Our Mission

This community is our home.  We’re here to create mental wellness in the same community where we live, work, play & raise our own families.

After years of witnessing the lack of psychiatric options in the Clarksville area it became apparent to me I could not continue to watch the problem while knowing I could contribute to the solution.  Patient after patient shared with me their frustration in finding local, quality psychiatric treatment.  

My mission in creating Novus Behavioral Health is two fold.  Taking care of patients and taking care of health care providers.  I believe each person has an inherent drive to contribute to a greater good.  Creating a healthy work culture & fostering a supportive environment allows our team members to naturally achieve their personal goals of providing exceptional care to patients.  

I promise you’ll never be treated like a number here.You will receive the individualized care you are seeking & you deserve. 

Our Values


This is missing from so much of our healthcare interactions today. It's important that our team show up for patients consistently & reliably.  Trust is the foundation for an effective patient provider partnership.


We allow time for patient and provider to connect in order to truly understand each unique individual. Our practice provides an hour for intake appointments and 30 minutes for follow up appointments.  This gives additional time to develop more meaningful connection, a more robust understanding & reduces pressure for both patient and provider.  


We know the difficult nature of opening up to another provider.  Compassionate care is instrumental in understanding how we can best support our patients in achieving mental wellness.  We are here to inform patients of their treatment options based on each patient's individual goals.  


No matter how many medications you have tried, how many providers you have seen or how apprehensive you might be about medications - we promise to remain committed to finding the best treatment options for you.  We are consistently exploring innovative treatments to bring the latest therapeutic options to our patients.